Custom window treatments can set the tone for a room, make a small space appear larger, or highlight architectural features. There are endless possibilities when it comes to choosing window treatments, but there are a few things that designers, realtors, and architects should keep in mind. Whatever amount of money you invest on all of the other room’s furnishings, if you stop short of really picking the best window treatments, you’ll get a space that falls flat. Here at Wei Wei Drapery Denver and Wei Wei Drapery Greenwood Village, we work with all trades and professionals to give you the best service for your clients.

The Importance of Function and Aesthetics

Designers, realtors, and architects need to think about how the window treatments will be used in the space, how they will appeal to potential buyers, and how they will complement the overall design of the building.

  • Designers want window treatments that will complement the other design elements in the room.
  • Realtors want window treatments that will make the space look inviting and appealing to buyers.
  • Architects want window treatments that will contribute to the overall look and feel of the building.


Window coverings significantly influence the appearance and feel of a room more than almost any other single design element.

Design Styles and Flow

It is essential to consider the style of the room when choosing window coverings. Is the room contemporary, traditional, eclectic, farmhouse, or farmhouse modern? Whatever the style, the window treatment should complement the home’s overall feel.

Window treatments can also help to determine the flow of a room. In an open-concept home, they can help to define each space and give it its own identity. When the design of a room flows from one room to the next, the window treatments can help create a cohesive look.

Tips to keep in mind:

  • Choose window coverings that complement the style of the room.
  • Think about how they will be used in the space.
  • Don’t use the same window treatment in every room.
  • Choose a style that goes with the decor and furnishings of the room
  • Try layering for texture and style, but don’t overdo it. Too much of something isn’t always a good thing.


Window coverings can make or break a deal. If you’re selling a house, you want potential buyers to see themselves living in the house. Window treatments should make the space feel warm and inviting and can be used to highlight the best features of a room. Realtors should choose window treatments that make the space appear larger, brighter, and more open.

Custom blinds, drapes, and curtains add value to the home and make it more attractive to potential buyers. At Wei Wei Drapery Denver & Greenwood Village, we offer custom window-covering solutions that will complement any home and help it stand out to potential buyers.

Light and Bright

Potential buyers are looking for a light and airy feel in a home and are often put off by a dark room. The window coverings should allow as much natural light as possible when open. Natural light is a fantastic way to make your home feel more spacious, warm, and friendly, which potential house buyers want!

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are always a good idea when selling a house. Neutral colors give the illusion of more space and make the home more appealing to a wide range of buyers. Custom window treatments in neutral colors also make it easier for homeowner to customize their space with custom drapes or custom curtains. Drapes and curtains are cheaper to replace or update as styles and decor change.

Clean and Maintained

Potential buyers will look at every detail. Make sure the window treatments are clean and in good condition. This will give the impression that you have taken care of the house and that it’s well-maintained.

Note: Always clean window coverings according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.


Windows are one of the most dynamic and important architectural components in a home or building, functioning as part of the thermal envelope while allowing light, sound control, and ventilation. In other words, they are integral to the health, safety, and comfort of a space. The right window treatments can make a big difference in how a space feels and functions. We work with architects to offer custom window coverings for any window style and building design.

Thermal Insulation

Architects are very aware of energy efficiency when designing homes or buildings. Window coverings such as roller shades provide thermal insulation, which is especially important in colder climates like Denver where heat loss through windows can be a significant issue. They help to keep a space warm in the winter and cool in the summer by providing an extra layer of insulation.

Light Control

Another important function is to control the amount of light that enters a space. This can be important for both functional and aesthetic reasons. For example, in an office space, it may be necessary to have a blind or shade that allows for adjustable light control so that the occupant can customize the space. In a bedroom, on the other hand, window coverings are chosen for their ability to block out light so that the room can be kept dark and cool.

Sound Control

Window treatments can also help to reduce noise levels in a space. This is especially important in urban areas where traffic noise can be a significant issue. Window treatments that absorb the sound can help to create a more peaceful and relaxed environment.

Window treatments are an essential consideration for designers, realtors, and architects. They make a big difference in the look, feel, and function of a space. When choosing them, it is important to keep in mind the needs of the people who will use them. With a little bit of planning, you can find the perfect window treatments for any home or office. Book a free consult today or visit our showroom.